Dressing Sense of an Individual Represents their Personality

Education News | Jun-02-2022

Dressing Sense of an Individual Represents their Personality

Whenever we meet someone the first impression is believed to be how we greet the person but actually, the Dressing Sense of the individual is the first impression that reflects and represents the personality of the individual. The clothes we are wearing are the first thing visible to whom we are speaking. Our body language even comes into notice after our appearance. When we meet, our first look is how we dressed which would immediately create a certain image in the mind of the other person. Our clothes and dressing sense should always be presentable so we should not feel shame in front of any other individual. We should always dress according to the situation and occasion. We must be aware of the fact that where we must wear a formal and were an informal dress.

Our Dressing Sense should be according to an occasion where one should wear a tight or loose or comfortable dress. The dress should be neat and clean, not too bright, and ironed properly is one of the most important factors. The texture, color, fabric, and neatness of the clothes are a part of our personality that attracts other people and they are more involved in having a conversation with us.

'Hair Style' is also an extremely important factor because it is showing our attitude and our personality and thus it matters a lot. And a complementary part of our dressing sense is decent and nice accessories. 'Accessories' like watch and bracelets etc. largely impact the personality of any individual and complements our dressing sense.

Besides representing our personality our dressing sense also reflect our confidence and this good dressing pattern bring a lot of confidence and motivate us in having a good chat. Like if we dress unlike the occasion it will reduce our confidence. Henceforth understanding the theme and culture of the occasion and wearing according to that will be a boon for any individual because it will enhance the look and appearance and eventually add to the confidence of the individual.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School