Importance Of Being Multilingual

Education News | Apr-24-2021

Importance Of Being Multilingual

Education is said to be of utmost importance in every human being's life. Since childhood, we have tried to learn different languages. We live in a world where there are nearly 7,117 languages spoken. In India, there are more than 19,500 mother tongues spoken. So, it is made a compulsion in every state to teach students in their mother tongues. In India, a student must learn three languages compulsorily. They are English, Hindi, and their respective mother tongue.

In India, education is bilingual. English has become a compulsory subject, and every child has to learn it. The purpose of making a child learn English is that he can adapt to the language early and enter into mainstream education. English has become the utmost important language. Mostly everything is in English first and then the mother tongue. But today, mother tongues are used in the remote villages of India. People in cities mostly prefer English as the spoken language.

In this decade, almost every parent wants their child to learn English first. Even before a child knows what a language is, the parents talk to him in English. And that is the main reason why the use of mother tongues is diminishing in India. So this has become the most important reason why education in India has become bilingual. Every child in India needs to know three languages- English, Hindi, and mother tongue. Learning different languages is a good thing as the first thing with which one can connect to others is language. So the bilingual education system of India is a good initiative as every child will be connected to its roots and learn English as a medium of language.

By: Ratisha Fal Desai