India and Diverse Culture

Education News | May-09-2021

India and Diverse Culture

India has a vast variety of cultures, India is a country where we can see people with different cultural values, with a different religions. People of a different religion with different cultures have their different way of behaving with other ideas, food, festival, custom we follow. India is a land of rich culture and heritage where people have humanity, tolerance, kindness towards everyone. India is the country where people worship animals like their god, they have the heart which beats every creature.

India is a big country with a big population, in which people have different cultures and religions that they follow. The major religion of India is Hinduism, Muslim, Sikh, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism. Not only different religions India has different types of languages, but every state also has its language and this makes India more beautiful. India had a history of different religions, there were so many rulers from different cultures and religions but they always respected every religion.

People here are generally used to varieties in costume, social beliefs, customs, and food habits. People beliefs and follow different traditions and custom according to their religion. We Hindu celebrates our festival according to our rituals, kept fast, takes bath in the holy river, celebrates different festivals like Holi with colors, Diwali with lights. In Islam, people kept rozza in the holy month of Ramadan, celebrates eid. But every Indian celebrates Indian national festival altogether like - Republic Day, Independence day because these festivals are for every Indian, for every community. People from different have different variety of food and dance like Punjabi is famous for lassi and Bangra, in South India Idli and Dosha is famous for its taste, People of the north like to have spicy food where people from south love to have light food.

It is only a saying nowadays that people of different religion and for different culture celebrates only their festival, but nowadays this is not true every Indian from any religion is celebrating every festival of every religion. Indian people are still following their old rituals and tradition that our old generation has given us so that our new generation will never forget about our rituals and traditions. Various religion has their origin from very old age like five thousand years ago, a religion name Hindusim was originated here from Vedas. All the scripture of Hindusim was in the Sanskrit language. Buddhism is a religion that was originated after the teaching of Gautam Budha.
Despite having so many religions and people from different cultures, people in India are living peacefully with each other. The culture of India is a rich heritage for its people and a great example to the world.

By: Renu


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