Mahabharata Should Be Taught As A History Subject?

Education News | Aug-04-2020

Mahabharata Should Be Taught As A History Subject?

Ramayana and Mahabharata are virtually taught in school but much like fables and memories not like history as inside the case of Moghuls. Moghuls have powerful records of now not greater than 200 years and it is glorified as though there has been no history before Islamic invasion from the west. This the irony of our United States of America that we fail to realize our wonderful and unheard-of historic history, and educate them as fables. In truth, inside the historical Indian literature, Ramayana and Mahabharata are labeled as ITIHAAS means history. Although as it is written in a poetic and literary manner, our communist historians rejected them as records due to the fact as according to the history is only a collection of fact written in a monotonous way. Exclusion of our historic epics turned into also achieved purposefully by using so-known as liberal communist historians simply to mission Indian lifestyle, history, ethics, and glory in a bad mild in an effort to get some appreciation from British lords and socio communist leaders like Nehru.

Ignoring a few poetic overtones whole Ramayana and Mahabharata is historic Indian history wherein Mahabharata dated something around 5110 BC and Ramayana dated 7200 BC. A lot of archaeological proofs are there that are to be regarded. We must thank the modern-day Govt. That's taking initiative in setting up the pride of India by means of starting projects like Varnavrat excavation, Saraswati river delineation, and Dwarka explorations. Positive results are coming. Further, why have to be guided by the west or communist, we ought to in fact believe our epics and be pleased with our historical records and tradition which prospers today also. For example, City of Troy mentioned in Iliad, an epic written by using poet Homer turned into taken into consideration to be an imaginary fantasy however whence Greek human beings excavated the whole Troy town came in light.

Today, we so improve humans that our Sri Ram Mandir difficulty is dropped into court and now in Supreme Court for the final verdict, whether or not it changed into a temple or Mosque in reality? Our so many so-referred to as secular and Hindu leaders and even surprisingly awarded people, accuse Hinduism and its organization and a few returns awards to the Govt, in retaliation, however particularly they do no longer utter an unmarried word for Gau Mata killings in the land of Lord Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. We are now not Hindu, but Dalits, Forward-backward or SC ST.
The result is just before you. Corruption is anywhere. No person has the worry about the Lord and his policies. No one thinks that he has to head from right here to Park at some point and what he did right here has to check cross through move there. No one has fear of the Lord and his punishment, this is why, and absolutely everyone has his very own separate interpretation of lord, not according to policies of Hinduism. Some even say that Bhagwaan is right here and no Bhagwaan is above the sky.

By-Shubhi Singh