Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

In this time of the global pandemic, it is not false to say that people are suffering from what we may call the "cabin fever". The ongoing lockdown effects and the various means of escaping it has left each one of us in a turmoil- physical as well as mental.
With no means of a 'break' from our monotonous routine, observations have shown that people are straining themselves more and more. This, in turn, is actually affecting the human body and its proper functioning. The masses have shown a rise in the number of stress and anxiety cases, with almost 40 percent of respondents saying they felt more anxious than they did a year ago. With the world talking about 'Depression Cases', I would rather want to tell you about what depression is. Is it the same as anxiety or sadness? Does it have the same symptoms? Is it curable?

Well, for a start, DEPRESSION IS NOT SADNESS. Many people have actually believed that if they are sad, they are depressed. This is not true. We must understand the difference. Sadness is a normal human emotion that every single person will experience at stressful or somber times. A number of life events can leave people sad or unhappy- the loss or absence of a loved one, divorce, job or income, failures, or even issues at home. However, a person experiencing sadness can usually find relief from crying or venting out emotions. It passes with time. Still, if the effects persist, it can be a sign of depression. I have provided to you, some symptoms of the disorder-

Feeling discouraged
Fear of being a failure
Shouting people out
Taking more time to do simple things than earlier, often so slow that people notice
Sleeplessness or Oversleeping
Loss of appetite or Overeating
Unusual weight gain
Thoughts of being worthless or dying
If you are facing any of these symptoms, do not feel alone. You have people who will listen. Know that you are worth more than you can even imagine! You are unique. Also, if you have thoughts of hurting yourself, immediately contact your helpline number. Reach out now- 1860 2662 345 ( domestic helpline ), +91 730 459 9836 (domestic), +91 730 495 9837 (international helpline number).

On a lighter note, remember that whatever you are facing is curable. There are a variety of remedies to help people with anxiety or depression.

Do Yoga and Meditation; trust me, it helps. It calms the mind.
Listen to upbeat music
Schedule pleasant activities and events
Stay in the present
Eat right
Sleep regularly, or at least in good intervals over the day.
Connect with friends and family.
Practice touch therapies like massages.
and most importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF
Remember, if we do not get a break or so-called "vacation" away from our regular, tiring, and stressful life, it does not mean that we strain ourselves to infinity. In fact, why do we even depend on such temporary arrangements? Why do we need to escape daily life? Dear friend, vacations are needed only when we allow our bodies to want them. Science shows that individuals following the practices of Yoga are less susceptible to stressful imbalances than the others. Do you know why? Because they train themselves to live in any environment the same way as they would at the desired location- peacefully and contended.

So, ending this piece, I only remind you-

Om Sarveshaan Svastirbhavatu Srveshaan Shantirbhavatu

Shrveshaan Poorna Bhavatu Sarveshaan Mangalan Bhavatu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May all become fortunate, May all attain peace

May all achieve perfection, and May all be blessed!

By: Lairaah Mukherjee
School: Gaurs International School
Class: 12th


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