Online Classes Vs Offline Classes

Education News | May-31-2021

Online Classes Vs Offline Classes

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic that spread across the world, our lifestyles faced some major changes. The government declared lockdowns and asked us to follow certain norms to stay healthy and safe. Being responsible citizens we helped the government and the situation became better to an extent.

Some major things which changed in our lifestyles were that we were not able to go outdoors unnecessarily and whenever we went for some urgent work, we had to wear masks, carry sanitizers and also maintain social distancing. To reduce social interaction, we as students started with virtual or online classes and our parents worked from home. Online classes are way more different than offline ones. So, let’s discuss ‘Online classes vs Offline classes’ in detail under few categories.

  • Flexibility (Location and time)

Online classes: Online classes are a thousand times more flexible than offline ones. This is because such virtual classes can be attended from any place at any time.

Offline classes: Offline classes are not flexible as people have to reach the fixed classroom location on time to attend the class. If someone is out of time then he or she has to skip offline classes, unlike online ones.

  • Social Interactions

Online classes: Online classes are taken alone sitting in an empty room mostly. This reduces social interaction between students and can lead to isolation and depression. Because of this reason only virtual classes are not good at an early age as this can make the young one less social.

Offline classes: Offline teaching are good to develop an inseparable social connection and bond with our teachers and peers. Thus there is no vast distance between people and offline group activities are becoming more helpful for socializing.

  • Competition

Online classes: Virtual classes don’t have competition amongst students which is both good and bad. Good for shy introverts who are unable to express themselves in front of many people and at the same time bad for students as competition boost enthusiasm and dedication.

Offline classes: Competition is very high in offline classes making it helpful for most students to boost their enthusiasm, dedication, effort, and hard work they put in.

  • Expense

Online classes: Online teaching is much cheaper than offline as books, notes, and other educational stuff is available in soft copy format which can be shared and downloaded and is inexpensive. Paper used for printing is also not used saving the environment and money both.

Offline classes: Physical classes are more expensive as compared to virtual as transportation, books, etc. costs add on.

Both these types of classes have their own pros and cons. It is upon the person to decide which things he or she needs in a classroom and decide accordingly.

By: Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

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