Struggles With Online Classes

Education News | Jun-22-2021

Struggles With Online Classes

School days are the golden period in the life of an individual. During this period they learn, grow, make friends and share their ideas and thoughts. It is the most crucial time in one’s life. Kids are like unmolded clay and in schools, they are shaped into a beautiful art so that they can be prepared for the future they ought to achieve.

But how did this pandemic changed the dynamics of school life?

Corona came from Wuhan; China in the year 2019. It didn’t take even months to reach all parts of the world. Within few months it became a global catastrophe. There was an atmosphere of panic all around the globe. Everything was shut down from educational institutes to corporate everything was shut dead. People were dying in mass numbers some due to the disease and some due to the havoc created by it. It created emotional instability in the lives of humans and made it look everything unreal.

Soon after a year when things started to come back to normal everything was going through online mode. From work from homes to buying stuff everything became digitalized. The world started to become a place with no human contact.

But the problem started where the government decided to resume classes for students online. Schools inculcate a daily routine in the life of children and by including online classes this habit was already shaken. A report from Maharashtra revealed that 49% of parents wanted their children to have online classes for only two hours a day and if this plea was taken in regard then most of the students had lacked the so-called routine that they used to follow during their school lives.

Furthermore, there are also reports that state that online classes are hampering the health of the individual. Students are exposed to screen for more than two hours making their eyes vulnerable to damage. The students who sit for more than 6 hours are seen complaining about itchy and sore eyes; moreover, there are also complaints of chronic neck pains in such individuals.

If you look upon the lives of high scholar it is totally in vain, they are getting promoted without any examination or test making them unknown their strengths and weaknesses, students were stuck in the same class for two years because the government was unable to decide on their promotion status, and after so much of thought into it, they decided to cancel the board examination which is and will never be a right way to promote any individual, as they will be unable to detangle the questions that they were in midst of untangling, the future of such students seems blurry and unsafe. They will be unable to make decisions that are right or wrong for them. The government needs to put the right mind into such things and need to come out with a plan that can secure the lives of such people.

By: Arushi Bansal


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