The Most Useful Apps for Students

The Most Useful Apps for Students

COVID 19 pandemic has changed our routine, habits, the way of schooling and a lot more things. Everything is virtual. We all are attending online classes from our laptops and phones. Now our devices are not only used for entertainment and gaming but also for our academic studies. So, let’s come to know about some most useful apps for students-

Microsoft OneNote: Just like our regular notebook which we used in our physical classroom, this app can take its place. Our teachers can upload our worksheets and share it with all students. Notes can also be shared among students, therefore helping us a lot.

Brainy: We all have doubts while studying and doing homework, this app is just like our personal doubt clearer. We can just type, record or click a picture of our question and get the answer within seconds.

Microsoft Teams or Zoom or Google meet: These apps can take place of our regular classrooms and become our new virtual classrooms. We can have our online assignments, online classes and also Microsoft Teams can be linked with our Microsoft OneNote.

Duolingo: Having a doubt with your third language? You got it! This app teaches over 98 languages and you can also use the tips to make your concepts clearer. If you want to learn a language for fun and for free then you should try this app at least once.

E-Pathshala: Launched by NCERT, this app can help us with e-books and video lessons. Its best part is that it is available in three languages that are English, Hindi and Urdu.

So, let’s start studying in comfort with these apps.

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida

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