Thoughtful Learning in India

Thoughtful Learning in India

In the modern education system in India, keeping in thought the broadly understood educational aims, which one – ‘examination-oriented coaching’ or ‘thoughtful learning’ – should be prioritized if we imagine building a far kinder nation and a peaceful world. This question matters to me, and that I am sure would be of importance to several other educators and policymakers, teachers, parents, school leaders and other thinking citizens. In an effort to reply to the key question, let me clarify some phrases that are embedded within the question – ‘widely perceived educational goals’, ‘examination-oriented coaching’ and ‘thoughtful learning’. I mean the aim or outcome that generally the oldsters have once they send their children to high school for their education. From the point of view of a parent, I might like my child to get older to be a confident, compassionate and ethical young man/woman; get a good position and financial security in life (good job); lead a peaceful and happy life, make decisions independently and responsibly and expire the legacy of excellent life and work to others. Assuming that having an honest job is that the most vital educational goal, let me work backwards to know the type of education which might be feasible. For an honest job, there's a requirement to urge into reasonably renowned colleges and obtain a few esteemed degrees;

  • To get into renowned colleges, there's a requirement to urge high marks within the subjects that are important for the stream that's chosen;
  • To get high marks, there's a requirement to be persistent with practice, solve similar patterns of questions needless to say within the examinations, take coaching classes and strive to urge better in test-taking abilities.

By: Avinash Sinha 

School Name: Birla School, Pilani

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