Threats of Digital Learning

Education News | Dec-07-2020

Threats of Digital Learning

Everyone thinks that digital learning is great. That it is a saviour and that it should be promoted, but hardly any of us see the threats of digital learning. Digital learning leads to less social contact between students and thus they miss on the most important thing in school life, that are friends. Digital learning also leads to a high amount of screen time which further leads to eye damage. Small children end up getting spectacles and also it leads to zero entertainment for the kids. As due to high screen time the parents cut down on other things the child does on electronic devices, such as social media, playing games, watching movies etc. This makes the children very sad. Also, digital learning puts kids in a really bad habit. In class, the child is other the watch of the teacher and the teacher takes care that the child pays attention in class and re explains topics if the child is unable to understand them. If a child is too shy to speak up the teacher can see their face and understand that the topic is not clear to the kid... But none of this happens in online learning. In online learning, the child may be drawing, playing on the phone, eating food or worst not even be present in the class and the teacher won’t even come to know about it. So, in the end, I would like to say that though online learning is outstanding and is quite helpful still, it is still not perfect.


Amity International School, Mayur Vihar