10 Things A School Student Should Know

Editorials News | Feb-21-2020

10 Things A School Student Should Know

We all learn several things in school covering all the subjects, sports, activity, co-curricular activity, but there are few basic things we never got to know when we were in schools and every student should know that. Ratan Tata who is known for his humbleness told 10 things that every student should know, during the time of giving a lecture.
1. Life is full of ups and downs- this is the very first thing every student should note. Learn to face everything in your life whether it is good or bad.
2. People will not consider your self- respect until and unless you don’t pay them respect. Prove yourself first.
3. After graduation from college, do not think of 5 digits income. No one becomes a Vice-President overnight. We have to work hard to earn or become something.
4. During this time, you must be feeling your teacher is strict, horror, dangerous because you have not met your boss yet. Once you will meet him, your old teachers will be muted in comparison.
5. We should learn from our mistakes and move forward, rather than blaming others or yourself for your failure.
6. Your parents after raising you have changed themselves from being boring and unimaginative to nurturing you.
7. Only in schools, there is the second chance- the consolation prize. Otherwise, in real life we don’t have any consolation Prize; rules are different for those who fail.
8. Like in school, further in life you don’t get vacations for a month. Teacher’s guidance is also not available, you have to teach yourself and move on.
9. T.V.'s life is different from real life. There is work, work, and work.
10. One day you may work under your friend, therefore never tease them, study wisely and work hard.

By: Suvarna Gupta
Content: https://www.speakingtree.in/blog/ratan-tata-lists-down-the-10-things-not-taught-at-school-and-its-a-must-read

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