11 Years Of Glory!!

Editorials News | Aug-21-2019

11 Years Of Glory!!

Virat Kohli, the name which almost every one of us is aware of, Virat Kohli, the profound and prominent Indian cricket legend has now completed his 11 years in International cricket on 18th August’19. The Indian skipper on this occasion came up with a heartwarming social media post to mark his milestone moment of his amazingly celebrated career. From starting his journey as a teenager on the same day in 2008, he is now reflecting on the journey 11 years after. Kohli wrote on his social media that how he is overwhelmed by the blessings he has received from god, he also guided his fans that may they all achieve their dreams and god provide them with power and strength to do that, he also posted pictures of himself from 2018 and 2019 while posting on social media.
When Virat Kohli made his ODI debut at Dambulla in 2008, not many would have predicted a meteoric rise which we are witnessing now. No one ever thought that a chubby Delhi batsman could result in something like this. Kohli was dismissed for 18 runs in his first innings and went without making a hundred in his first year in International cricket.
Nonetheless, after that he was unstoppable as Kohli scored his maiden hundred against Sri Lanka in Kolkata in 2009 and became more consistent in the following years. Since 2011, the skipper has secured a score of more than 1000 runs in ODI cricket, barring two seasons of 2015 and 2016.
Virat Kohli impressed the people so much so early in his career that the U-19 World Cup-winning captain was then included in the World Cup squad in 2011. Kohli also scored scores like crucial 35 runs when India against its match with Sri Lanka completed its successful 275-run chase against in the finals at the Wankhede Stadium.
Virat kohli is considered one of the fittest sportspersons in the world. He also faced several downfalls like horror run rate in England in 2014 which were big learning curves in his career.
After 2014 there was no looking back as he never faced any dull moments in his International career after that. The 2014 series in England, he managed to obtain 134 runs in 10 innings.
Virat Kohli in 2014 took over from MS Dhoni as the Test side's captain and has led the team to major victories in the recent past.

By: Prerana Sharma
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