15,000 Living-Viruses in Oceans

Editorials News | Sep-29-2016

15,000 Living-Viruses in Oceans

A new research from Ohio State University has discovered many type of viruses inside the ocean. The scientists have analyzed the data which showed that more than 15,000 new kinds of viruses reside under the ocean.

A research by the team of scientists focused on the positive efforts to protect the planet from global warming. As many of us are aware about the fact, that the increasing- level of Greenhouse gases affect our climate. At the same time these viruses can be helpful to tackle with the fatal effects of the global warming.

The scientists said that these viruses inside the environment modulate the effects of greenhouse gases and energies. As per the research these newly studied viruses inside the ocean can be beneficial for the environment.

Furthermore the researchers stated that one in three living cells in the marine are tainted with a virus, altering the way the cell behaves. The research stated that these marine-viruses plays essential role in reducing harmful effects of green house gases.

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