2 Marks For Planting 2 Trees

Editorials News | Feb-05-2019

2 Marks For Planting 2 Trees

Nature is the most precious gift of God to us. It is our duty to use the natural resources judiciously otherwise these will come to an end very soon and we humans will be at the greatest loss. Along with the government, we as private individuals should look into this matter and take due care of our mother nature.

In order to take an effective step in this field, the state government in Tamil Nadu is planning to put forth a never before initiative. The government is planning to grant two marks to each student in every subject if they plant 2 trees. It sounds like a never before practise. This proposal is currently lying with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, K Sengottaiyan for approval. Lately, the CM had attended the Times NIE Principals’ Seminar 2019. During his address in the seminar he stated that the state of Tamil Nadu consists of a total of 50 lac students. If every student will grow two plants, the state will consist of more than 2.5 crore trees. He also requested the students to look for various different streams that are available and to not limit themselves to pursuing engineering or medicine. Referring to the statistics, he stated that there are nearly 80 lac engineering students who are unemployed in Tamil Nadu. In the entire state there are nearly 1.68 lac graduates without jobs. Throwing light on the new curriculum, he stated that now there will be 258 streams for the students to choose from. The curriculum for class XII will undergo a change in the next year. The curriculum will be such that shall be more job oriented and will cover more entrepreneurial topics. Yoga and physical education shall also become part of the curriculum from the next year. Also, nearly 100 playgrounds will be opened up in as many schools. During the seminar, a total of 150 school principals were present. Some of those who were present are as follows: MOP Vaishnav College principal Lalitha Balakrishnan, Meenakshi Group & Shri Muthukumar Educational Trust managing director Jayanthi Radhakrishnan and social entrepreneur and AVTAR Group founder Sanundarya Rajesh as panellists. Ms. Sanundarya Rajesh highlighted that the percentage of women at workplace is highly declining. She requested the educators to emphasise more on those skills that are useful outside the classroom such as gender intelligence, generational competence and socio-economic sensitivity. Ms. Lalitha Balakrishnan stated that technology should be in conformity with the teaching methodologies through digital lectures as well as screenings. She emphasized the importance of students, parents and teachers in the teaching process. Ms. Jayanthi Radhakrishnan stated that there is urgent need to make learning process more interactive. It is because the present day curriculum prohibits the students from reaching their potential. The schools must aim towards provision of personalised education and should readily create more and more opportunities for students to explore options.


By: Anuja Arora



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