2018 BP Portrait Award Won by The Painting of An Artist’s Mother

Editorials News | Jun-19-2018

2018 BP Portrait Award Won by The Painting of An Artist’s Mother

The award for the 2018 BP portrait award was given to Miriam Escofet, who is a London based artist. She has won this award for the portrait painting of his mother appearing to drink tea. This award is one of the UK’s most prestigious art prizes. The painting was liked and praised by the judges for its constraint and intimacy as well as the successful depiction of the idea of the “Universal Mother”.

One of the judges, Rosie Millard said that the painting named “An Angel at my Table” depicts the artist’s mother sitting at her kitchen table surrounded by crockery. However, the painting is all not as it seems first. The painting is a very sensitive depiction of an elderly sitter. one of the plates and a winged sculpture placed on the table appear to be in motion, which adds a lot of quality to the portrait. The artist, Escofet was born in Barcelona. She started painting after his graduation from the Brighton School of Art. She studied 3D design there. She was awarded with 35,000 prizes at a ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery in London which was presented by actor and model Lily Cole. At the annual portrait prize exhibition in London, the winning paintings will be exhibited from Thursday. The show will then tour to Wolverhampton Art Gallery (13 October-2 December), the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh (15 December-10 March 2019) and Winchester Discovery Centre (March-June 2019).

By: Divya Thakur

Content: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2018/jun/11/miriam-escofet-angel-table-mother-wins-2018-bp-portrait-award

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