2019/2020: Football Premier League Rules Diversification Confirmed

The Premier League has released a diversification to the way they will arrive at conclusion where teams who end the season level on points will finish in the table. A neck to neck rule is being announced which means that if clubs defeat level on points in competition for important places, such as the title, Champions League qualification or relegation, their record in head-to-head matches will be used to separate them.
In preceding seasons, teams involved in these peculiar battles that finished with the same points total, goal difference and number of goals scored would be counter against each other in a playoff.
That is now far less likely, however, as in 2019/20 the team who has collected the most points in the head-to-head duels between the sides lying level on points, goal difference and number of goals scored will take the highest finishing position, while the team with the fewest will take the lowest place.
The team who scored the most goals away from home in the head-to-head matches will get the highest position if clubs still cannot be separated which would be highly disliked. Only if the clubs remain level in the table after this will a playoff is arranged, at a neutral ground, with the format, timing and venue determined by the Premier League Board.
There are a few more premier league first coming up in the new season. Norwich City's Onel Hernandez will become the first Cuban player to take part in the Premier League, there will be a first ever mid-season break when each club has two weeks off in match week 26 and, of course, VAR will be used for the first time in England's top tier.
There will also be eight fixtures that have never taken place in the Premier League before, including the opening day clash between Bournemouth and Sheffield United and Aston Villa against Brighton amongst others.
By: Tripti Varun
Content: https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/premier-league-rule-change-confirmed-18289512


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