21-Year Old IIT Madras Student Comes Up With A Novel Peer-Teaching Method

Editorials News | Aug-10-2018

21-Year Old IIT Madras Student Comes Up With A Novel Peer-Teaching Method

Divanshu Kumar, a 21 year old student from IIT Madras is creating leaders from learners. His organisation, Involve, engages students from higher classes to teach their juniors who come from low-income families. Indian education system is relying on rote learning and academic based examination but this youngster is on the path of changing the way knowledge is imparted. His peer-teaching model, which has an approval stamp from Harvard University, he hopes enhance learning ability in students.

Involve includes a nine-month fellowship programme where students from higher grades, let's say from Class IX, are able to not only teach but mentor their juniors. Till now, the team has worked with 400 students in 4 schools of Bangalore and Chennai. The team is looking forward to scale to six schools by 2018 and to 150 schools by next 5 years.

He started Involve while he was in his second year of college. Even though, he faced setbacks in terms of gaining sponsorship initially, he did not give up. First, they raised 6 lakhs in a month through crowdfunding campaign and then, 10 lakhs after getting selected in 'Cohort of Top 8 Non-Profits in India'. Involve is open for partnerships. In the future, team also wishes to be able to upload their lesson plans and curriculums online so as to help other organisations who might want to replicate their mode.

By: Neha Maheshwari

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