3-Year Old British Girl Whose IQ Is Higher Than Einstein And Hawking

Editorials News | Aug-18-2018

3-Year Old British Girl Whose IQ Is Higher Than Einstein And Hawking

Ophelia Morgan Dew is sending shock waves across the world with her high IQ scores. Her IQ stands at a whopping 171, which is both commendable and surprising for such a young age. Not to forget that this IQ is 11 points more than the respected physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. There are many publications in the Britain that have reported that Ophelia can recall incidents that happened even before she turned one. This kind of memory retention is quite extraordinary.

None of us remember our lives as babies because our brain hasn't developed to store memories as complex till then. Ophelia, on the other hand, exhibits episodic memory retention from when she was a baby. This is quite exciting and confounding at the same time. When her mother realised her super-intelligence, she got an IQ test done which revealed her score as 171. She is also the youngest member of Mensa - a society for those who have high IQ scores.

Previously, the cleverest children in Britain were 11-year old Arnav Sharma who has an IQ of 162 and 12-year old Rahul Doshi who has an IQ of 162. Ophelia now stands at the score of 171 and is now amongst one of the brightest children in the world. To be exact, she is among the top 0.03 percent of the population of the world.

The highest ever IQ is recorded to be of William James Sidis who has a score between 250 and 300.


By: Neha Maheshwari

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