30 Different Comets Contains Certain Type of Chemicals

Editorials News | Dec-30-2016

30 Different Comets Contains Certain Type of Chemicals

Researchers have currently studied the work of foggy comas and tails of different comets. Through the study, the scientists have discovered that there is some relation between the certain chemical found on these comets. The researchers said certain chemical ices on the comet would regularly emerge in coordination with other chemicals in a connected way.

Additionally, there are certain other chemicals appeared or were absent independently from others, stated the researchers. The discovery shows the process of how the chemical works or stored together or sequestered in the nucleus, or body of the comet said the scientists. The quantity and chemical connection experienced in the comet can help the scientists to understand the formation of our solar system, said the scientists.

The scientists are further aimed to study the abundances of these chemicals as comets are a window into the remote past. After the study, the scientists will be able to tell us the characteristics and conditions that were there in the early solar system, explained the scientists.

Content Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161203154535.htm

Image: http://www.biogeologist.com/space-time/solar-system/asteroids-comets-meteors-meteorites/

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