30% Indian Kids Live in Severe Conditions

Editorials News | Oct-12-2016

30% Indian Kids Live in Severe Conditions

A data by Unicef and World Bank group have shown that 30 percent extreme poor kids reside in India. According to the analysts the 385 million children are living in severe condition worldwide, out of which 36% resides in South Asia.


During the campaign of ‘Ending Extreme Poverty’ the analyst has revealed that the number of kids are more that twice as compare to adults in terms of poverty. As per the analysis, Sub- Saharan Africa is on the top list on the data where 50% children are living with utmost poor situations.


The analysts have focused on records of 2013. According to the claim by the researchers, 19.5% of children were surviving on US$1.90 a day in developing countries.

The analysts said that the effects of poverty are harmful for children and youngest child in extremely poor household are at higher risk.


The director of Unicef also showed great concern on the sever condition of children.

He said, it is unfortunate that children are living under such condition. This condition not only affects their future but their societies as well.


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