3,000 Tonnes Gold Found in U.P. is Not Discovered

Editorials News | Feb-25-2020

3,000 Tonnes Gold Found in U.P. is Not Discovered

Since, 21st February 2020’s evening every Indian has gone crazy as around 3,000 tonnes gold deposits were found in Sonabhadra district, U.P. by the the Geological Survey of India (GSI), which is worth Rs 12 lakh crore, means almost five times India's current reserve of the yellow metal.
If this gold will contain the value of Rs. 12 lakh crores, then our economy will jump to the second place after US. The US has the largest gold holding with 8,133.5 tones, followed by Germany with 3,366 tones and IMF with 2,814 tones. Italy (2,451.8 tones) and France (2,436 tones) make the top five, all data told by the World’s Gold Council’s.
The best part was that in the World Gold Reserve, India had started ranking 2 and earlier it had ranked 11th around the world.
From the print media to social media, every Indian is talking about this gold. Its like India should now again be considered as “sone ki chidiya” as India is getting back its gold.
But the saddest part of this news it is fake. Only 160 kg of gold was founded in Sonabhadra.
The GSI has stated that the organisation is not a party to the news reports published by various media houses about the estimation of the amount of gold in Sonbhadra district, in the press release dated 22 February 2020.
The GSI Director General (DG), M. Sridhar has told PTI in Kolkata on 22nd February’ evening that the data of 3,000 tones was not told by the GSI and there is no such kind of vast resource of gold deposits in Sonabhadra district.
He further clarified that there is a total resource of 52,806.25 tons of ore, which is approximately 160kg and not 3,350 tones as mentioned in the media. There was average grade of 3.03 grams per ton of gold which is tentative in nature.

By: Suvarna Gupta
Content: https://www.outlookindia.com/newsscroll/no-discovery-of-around-3000tonne-gold-deposits-in-ups-sonbhadra-gsi/1741452

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