4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Dumb Car 'Smarter'

Editorials News | Jan-29-2018

4 Gadgets That Will Make Your Dumb Car 'Smarter'

We now live in a world that is full of gadgets to make our life easier. So, why should we ignore while we are on the move? Here are 5 gadgets that you need for your car. 

1. Coffee Maker: This is heaven gadget for all the late risers and coffee lovers. There is something not right about the day that does not start with coffee. So, get your car a good coffee maker that will not require a lot of battery and do the work swiftly. Deal with your next traffic jam with a cup of espresso.


2. Wi-fi Hotspot: It sure is hard truth but mobile hotspots can quite not compare to the durability and connectivity of the Wi-fi. Internet is more of a necessity nowadays. You can use your connection to either use for office work or just entertaining yourself.


3. Entertainment System: Today most of the cars are fully equipped with entertainment systems but you still do not need to burn a hole in your pocket in case, you need some extra features. The entertainment systems come with a variety of features to make your life easier. It can be used for hands free calling, navigation, media playback etc.

4. Vehicle Tracker: If you have vehicle, you know how dreading it can be to imagine the chances of it being stolen. This is the smartest option to keep you away from that anxiety. Trackers today have other useful features too like SOS alerts, performance data etc.

By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: https://www.gadgetsnow.com/tech-news/4-gadgets-that-will-make-your-car-smarter/articleshow/61710581.cms

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