4DX Movie Experience Now in Noida

Editorials News | Mar-29-2018

4DX Movie Experience Now in Noida

Let us understand what a 4DX movie all about is. 4Dx is a technology developed and owned by a Korean Company CJ 4DPLEX. This technology takes the experience of movie viewing to a more realistic level. It gives the viewer a real life experience with environmental effects augmented by movable seats, wind, rain, fog, lights and fragrance etc along with the standard audio and visual effects. This calls for a new kind of theatre design which is capable of screening such movies.

A 4DX movie makes one feel like he/she is right there in the story as far as the experience goes. It makes the viewer become more of a part of the movie. When there is a sequence of a fall the movement of the seat makes one feel like he or she is actually falling. It heightens the experience of movie viewing. It is indeed a mindboggling experience where one experiences all the moves as the story unfolds. It becomes more exciting in case of adventure and fights or chase sequences.

People of Noida now can experience that with PVR launching its first 4DX theatre in PVR Logix Mall in Noida. It was available in Noida and Gurugram; however, Delhi crowd too can now experience the same with PVR Pacific Mall introducing the same recently.

However, not all movies are made using this technology hence at this time only two Hollywood movies namely Black Panther and Tomb Raider are running in these theatres which have been made in the format.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena