5 Applications for Space Lovers on World UFO Day

World UFO Day is July 2, and whether or not you think we can find extraterrestrial visitors in the night sky, this is a great excuse to go out and look at the stars. While you're out there, you can use any of the 5 applications we've listed below to better understand what you're seeing and where to direct your head or telescope to get a really fantastic view.
Astronomy is a great pastime, especially on warm summer nights, when you can stay outside longer. So, whether you are looking for a constellation in the sky or something to tell the UFO National Reporting Center, these applications can tell you if you have identified what you are seeing before, and a little more about it.
The applications below are to learn about space and find the things you want to see in the sky. After downloading, head outside and let any of these applications guide your gaze. This is an excellent way to appreciate astronomy and the universe we are all part of.
1. Sky guide
Currently, the Sky Guide is exclusive to Apple devices and allows you to point your phone at the sky and see exactly what is on it. Following the view of your camera, Sky Guide automatically adjusts to your viewing direction and identifies stars, planets, constellations and satellites that are currently on you, whether they are visible to the naked eye or with a telescope.
The Sky Guide graphics track the shapes of the constellations for you, and with a catalog of 2.5 million stars, you'll never miss anything while you're looking at the stars. If you wish, you can activate a filter that allows you to make an X-ray of the sky to see the invisible wonders of the galaxy.
In addition, you can activate the red night mode. This will help you preserve your sight adapted to the darkness while you are out at night.
2. Sky View
For more observation of stars in augmented reality (AR) during UFO hunting or telescope time, check out Sky View. It is a free application that, like Sky Guide, allows you to point to the sky that is above you and tells you exactly what is there.
Some celestial objects you can see only with your eyes, such as constellations and planets, but you can also use the application to find out where to point a telescope or powerful binoculars to see things that are a little smaller or dimmer.
3. NASA application
With less AR and more educational, the NASA application has a huge number of photos, videos and articles about space and NASA projects, all directly from NASA.
The application acts as a type encyclopedia, which allows you to find content about astronomy and the known universe, in addition to NASA's current and future missions. Use the application to see what astronomical events are occurring, man-made or otherwise, and use it as a reference point for any questions related to space that arise while observing the stars.
4. Star Tracker
Back to the world of AR astronomy applications, Star Tracker is another free (with optional purchases in the application for larger catalogs) that you can use to identify celestial objects about you, wherever you are thanks to the offline data.
See the sun, the moon, the planets, 88 constellations and more than 8,000 stars visible to the naked eye, plus 6 famous deep-sky objects and a 3D compass to track where you are looking and where you should look to see objects in real life.
5. Satellite AR
If you think you have a good knowledge of the location of the constellations and the planets (which maybe you have obtained from the frequent use of any of the previous applications), and what you really want is an application that identifies satellites and other devices created by the man. Structures in space, Satellite AR are the application for you!
Satellite AR can tell you which satellites are on you at this time, night or day, and can tell you where particular satellites are when you search or select them from the built-in list.
Satellites that are visible to the naked eye on a clear night have a yellow color in the application, so you can be sure to look for them at a certain time. If you know other celestial objects well, Satellite AR is ideal for quickly identifying strange light sources that you would not otherwise recognize. Thus, it’s a perfect companion for World UFO Day.
By: Preeti Narula
Content: https://www.komando.com/apps/575907/5-apps-for-space-lovers-on-world-ufo-day


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