5 Daily Habits For A Healthy and Fit Life

Editorials News | May-23-2018

5 Daily Habits For A Healthy and Fit Life

Having a healthy lifestyle means bringing changes that are not based on short term goals and can be kept in long term.

  • Don't make excuses: There are always excuses in the way when you step on your fitness journey. Stop making excuses like you don't find enough time to pack healthy lunch or there isn't enough time to workout because just like everything getting healthy needs time too.
  • Walk more: Find activities that can help you walk. You can go to grocery store or just a short 10-15 minutes walk after every meal would do the trick too.
  • Don't deprive yourself: You can't be 100% in line with your goals. The more you will strive to eat 100% correct, there are more chances that you would binge eat. Stick to 80/20 rule and have some good treats here and there.
  • Find activities that keeps you on the move: Always look for excuses that keeps you on your foot. Taking the stairs instead of the lift and going on some hiking trips with friends are some examples of it.
  • Keep your workouts short: When you start doing an hour of workouts, there will always be reasons why you do not have an hour to take out. So, aim for 10-20 minutes of really hard workouts that make a difference and follows up with your schedule.


By: Neha Maheshwari

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