5 Easy Tips for Healthcare

When we talk about seasons change what grabs our attention the most is the problems that come with it. Though, there are probably just as many people who dread the change in seasons because they believe that it also brings along illnesses and ailments (colds, coughs), itchy skin and bad exercise routine. Here’s a list of tips for the overall healthcare during change in seasons which would definitely boost your regimes:
• A proper diet plays a pivotal role
Moving towards Cold season ignites our cravings for more carbs, we often tend to eat more during winters and this problem is not just limited to few perhaps many of us unknowingly gain weight and witness increasing numbers on our measuring scales. To conquer this eating a protein packed breakfast daily will nourish your body in the morning and you would not lead into feeding yourself with heavy carbs.
• Eat more fibre
There are many benefits that come from eating a diet rich in fibre. Fibre slows the rate by which sugar is absorbed into the bloodstream. When you eat foods high in fibre, such as beans and whole grains, the sugar in those foods is absorbed slower, which keeps your blood glucose levels from rising too fast. Also it balances increased eating habits and helps in losing weight. Fibre improves our metabolism and thus provides us a new energy to enjoy the beautiful weather of every season.
• Follow a proper workout/ exercise routine
With shorter days and colder weather, finding the motivation to stay healthy and fit can be difficult during this season. Insane holidays often lead into damaging our health habits moreover the chilly and unpleasant weather can also make it very difficult to find the motivation to get to the gym or head outdoors for exercises. In such case when you have no desire to head outdoors, workout at home. There are endless resources from where you can get passionate and full of zeal videos which will be of great help for exercising at home.
• Protect your skin
Most people assume skin health is mostly a concern for summer, the truth might surprise you. As per various studies, it is known that your skin is just as vulnerable to ultraviolet A and B in winter time as that it is in summer time. That's why it's so important to wear sunscreen when you go out and maintain other skin care protocol. Also itchy and dry skin is a major issue when we enter this season, following an uncompromising moisturising practise will combat this issue and you will notice a desirable change in your skin texture.
• Precaution is better than cure
Studies indicate that almost everyone suffers from a bout of cough and cold at least once during the winter season, thus taking proper precautions will avoid this to happen. Wearing appropriate clothes, washing hands regularly, drinking warm water and following a healthy balanced diet with lots of vitamins and minerals will prevent you from getting ill in this season.
Follow these easy tips and enjoy the amazing weather of every season.

By: Prerana Sharma
Content: https://www.lennox.com/lennox-life/comfort-matters/tips-and-maintenance/5-tips-to-help-you-stay-healthy-in-changing-weather


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