5 Fun And Easy Blindfolded Games For Building Team

Editorials News | Jun-18-2019

5 Fun And Easy Blindfolded Games For Building Team

Here is a selection of 5 games of team building blindfolded quickly and easily. These blindfolded activities can be delivered in less than 20 minutes and only require a bandage and rope. Ideal for developing communication skills, especially for active listening and also fun!

Required equipment: bandages for the eyes, length of the rope

Space required: small to large (depending on the challenge). Indoors or outdoors.

Group size: ideally from 12 to 15 but can be done with up to 30 participants.

Key Keeper

In a good size room or space, establish an area as a starting / ending point. Next, place a set of keys (or any object) about 5 meters in front of the area. The objective of the challenge is for a blindfolded housekeeper to protect the keys and prevent the rest of the group from recovering them.

Select a person to act as the one in charge of the keys, and then they will sit in the middle of the area on the floor, near the keys. Everyone else will try and take the keys of the guardian. Participants can only move when they receive instructions from the facilitator (you can do so by pointing them out). Once the person has started up, he can make a move with the keys. If the person in charge of the keys points them to some point, then they must return to the starting point. Start with only one person at a time, before forming several players who try to recover the keys at the same time.

Once the keys have been recovered, you can exchange them with the person who took them, or you can select someone in the group of your choice to act as the next guardian.

Blind Shadow

Organize your group in a circle. Explain that a person will be selected to be the shadow of the group. The objective of the shadows is to walk around the circle, behind the group blindfolded and try to get them out of the game.

They do this by standing behind another person for 3 seconds: once the 3 seconds have elapsed, the instructor will tap the person on the shoulder and then kneel as they are out of the game.

To prevent the shadow from catching them, if someone believes that the shadow is standing behind them, they can raise their hands. They will be told if they catch the shadow. They can only do this a maximum of 3 times, more and they will be out of the game (avoids the constant increase of the hand).

Once a member of the group catches the shadow, it becomes the shadow and restarts the game.

Blind Animals

This works extremely well with groups of 10 or more. Divide the group into smaller sub-teams and give each team a type of animal. Now ask everyone to find their own space. Make them put on their bandages. Give some simple commands such as: 5 steps back, 4 to your left, 6 to your right, etc. to mix those more. In their signal, the participants must make the sound of their animal and find other people of the same type. Eventually, everyone must end up with their own sub-team.

Instead of using sub-teams, you can also do this in pairs or in smaller groups of 3.

This can also be used at the beginning of a workshop by organizing participants into teams. Give everyone a piece of paper with an animal written on it and start the exercise.

Types of animals suggested: elephants, monkeys, cows, chickens, lions, dogs, cats, etc.

By: Preeti Narula

Content: http://www.ventureteambuilding.co.uk/blindfold-challenges/


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