5 Reasons of Roman Reigns Plan to Leave WWE

We, as WWE fans, tend to take superstars for granted. This was something we have learned over and over again, and as the saying goes: "Absence makes the heart grow more affectionate." In the case of Roman Reigns, it was a lesson that we learned hard at the end of October 2018, as it surprisingly announced that I was fighting leukemia.
The general expectation was that it would come out at least until the beginning of 2020, but to everyone's surprise, he returned at the end of February 2019 and returned to action inside the ring at the beginning of March.
He has been on a roll since then, but a recent interview with The Sportster made Reigns indirectly reveal that he is fighting on borrowed time. He openly admitted a possible transition of the WWE in two years, declaring:
How I feel physically, where my health is, I want to take advantage of the next two years and really maximize my career in WWE and give back to the company, the guys in that wardrobe as much as possible.
It is very clear that Roman Reigns is borrowed, and he knows it. But why does Roman Reigns only have two years left in WWE? Here are some reasons why.
He does not want to tarnish his legacy in WWE.
Roman Reigns has really accomplished a lot in WWE. If he retires in two years, that means he would have enjoyed at least 5 to 6 years at the top of the WWE. By being proud of his legacy and extending the line of the Samoan family in WWE, Reigns knows that he himself has created a legacy.
Perhaps you feel that if you continue to struggle after two years, your legacy will weaken as you go through a physical decline.
Your health
Roman Reigns announced in late October last year that he was fighting leukemia. It was a shock to everyone and, as mentioned above, the general consensus was that Reigns would return to the ring mostly around January 2020.
WWE perhaps assumed the same and devised a plan to move forward without him, despite the fact that Reigns is a very important figure for WWE programming. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the leukemia, Reigns knows that there is a high probability of a relapse and that his health goes down the drain.
Out of pure respect for your physical well-being, you probably know that it will be difficult to overcome two years on the road and in the ring. That's why you're most likely to feel that, for your health, a two-year WWE period to do everything you can would be good.
Want to earn as much money as you can in the limited window that you have
No one can blame Roman Reigns if he simply wants to earn as much money as he can in this two-year period he's supposedly left in WWE. For many superstars, such as AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, for example, WWE has essentially been their "retirement fund."
Obviously, AJ Styles has been successful, but he has openly expressed the fact that his main intention was to earn as much money as he could and call it one day. No one can blame them for wanting to do this and, although Reigns has made it clear that his goal in WWE is not money, it's natural to think about family and long-term effects.
Given that Reigns is among the five highest paid wrestlers in the WWE, it would make sense for him to try to do everything he can in the limited window he has.
Hollywood career
One of the other important aspects of this particular interview with The Sportster is that Roman Reigns openly admitted its willingness to work on more Hollywood projects.
He liked Hollywood when he worked with The Rock in the Fast & Furious spin-off of Hobbs & Shaw. Reigns certainly looks good for Hollywood and would be successful.
"I definitely see more projects and films in the future, sure, but I think that where I am now, they will come a little more moderately.
He said that at this moment, he is willing to take parallel projects as they arrive. He knows he has a future in Hollywood and that's where he wants to go after once he reaches a physical deterioration and can no longer go to the ring. Hollywood would undoubtedly be an interesting prospect and I would be following The Rock and John Cena down the same path.
You probably feel that you will achieve everything you need in WWE by then.
Roman Reigns admitted that his return to WWE had nothing to do with the championships and glory. It is about adding to his legacy, the legacy of his family and inspiring people from all over the world.
He told The Sportster that he wants to continue telling the story that his family has told for decades and that once he manages to add some more layers to his legacy and foundation, he will get the closure he needs before continuing:
He has won almost all the praise there is to win and already has a career worthy of the Hall of Fame. He probably feels that two years will be enough for him to contribute as much as he can to the legacy of Samoa.
By: Preeti Narula
Content: https://www.sportskeeda.com/wwe/5-reasons-why-roman-reigns-plans-to-transition-out-of-wwe-in-2-years-ss/5


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