5 Ways Successful People Become More Innovative

Editorials News | Aug-28-2019

5 Ways Successful People Become More Innovative

When you read about highly successful innovators— likes of Steve Jobs, Marissa Mayer, or Elon Musk—it’s easy to think that they just have something that the rest of us do not have. How can they possibly keep coming up with such great and innovative ideas that change businesses, industries, and possibly even the world?
Here are 5 ways of successful people become more innovative every day.
1. They Don’t Exempt Their Crazy Ideas
If you are anything like me, when you were a kid you were just jammed with ideas—often quite bizarre ones—that you truly believed on yourself that you could make happen. There were no thoughts of limitations based on age, experience level, how the world operates, or anything else. But as adults, many of us too quickly violate our ideas. It’ll never work. I don’t know how to do that. And will take way too long.
The thing is those “crazy” ideas are where most of the world’s most successful innovations come from. And the people who succeed in realizing these defiant improvement do so because they let themselves believe that a crazy idea could be a reality.
2. They Become Fearless
Many people believe that, in order to be a leader in innovation, you have to be fearless.
In fact, quite the opposite is often true. Musk said that “I wouldn’t say I’m fearless. In fact, I feel fear quite strongly. But if I am sure that what I’m doing is important enough then I just nullify the fear”.
In other words, successful innovators let their fear exist, but just don’t let it dictate their decision-making.
They become fearless because maybe, if you’re feeling afraid, you just might be getting close to something really good.
3. Love to Learn About Anything and Everything
This philosophy blink through in jobs’ revolutionary work. As CEO and biographer Walter Isaacson writes in HBR: “He connected the humanities to the sciences, creativity to technology, arts to engineering. There were greater technologists, and assuredly better designers and artists. But no one else in our era could better fire wire together poetry and processors in a way that convulse modernism.”
4. They Never Get Over - Confident
Somehow every people made a mindset that successful people are truly the biggest experts in their fields, the ones who stay innovative never operate under that assumption. Musk expressed that - “I think that’s the single best piece of advice, steadily think about how you could be doing things better, and questioning yourself,”.
5. Always Want To Be With Successful People
Successful innovators know that they can’t do it alone. The people who surround them—the people who can collaborate with on these revolutionary idea, are just as critical to making them a success. That’s why they make it a priority to make sure that collusion happens.

By: Tripti Varun
Content: https://www.themuse.com/advice/5-ways-successful-people-become-more-innovative-every-day

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