5000 Years Old Grooves Found in Tamil Nadu

Editorials News | Sep-03-2016

5000 Years Old Grooves Found in Tamil Nadu

K. Umapathi, a student from Epigraphy and Archaeology has discovered the grooves on a bed rock, which was used for sharpening polished stone axes of Neolithic age. The grooves were found at Pathari on the Javadi hills, an off shoot of the Eastern Ghats.

The grooves are around 5000 years old.


In the north-west of Pathari six more grooves were found. This is the second time that in Tamil Nadu such grooves has been discovered.


As per the Umapathi’s study, Pathari villagers term the grooves as “Bheeman Sunai” because it is believed by them that Bheema of Mahabharatha knelt down on the bed rock to drink water from the rivulet, during the Pandava’s stay in the forest and the grooves were formed by the pressure of his toes.

These grooves measure from 9 cm to 45 cm in length, 2.50 cm to 8 cm in width and 5.90 cm to 26.84 cm in depth at Pathari village.

The stone axes are worshipped as divine stones in the temples by the villagers. These stones tools were collected from cultivated fields in the Pathari village.

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