7 Tips for Parents and Students to Handle the Board Exam Stress

Editorials News | Mar-09-2018

7 Tips for Parents and Students to Handle the Board Exam Stress

With increased societal pressure about scoring well on exams, exam time has become stress time for both students and parents. Examinations have now become more of an attribute to judge the talent and skills of the student than seen as a positive challenge. With board exams coming up, here are some of the tips to deal with the undue stress for both students and parents                             

  • Communicate: Communicating both ways is very important. As a parent you should reassure your children that exams should be taken positively. You should also let them relax and enjoy for a while. As a student, your parents have already undergone a lot of stressful situations so their experience might help you a lot in dealing with yours.
  • Let go of the Messy Room:  Your child's mind is already quite preoccupied with the exam stress, so it is better that you do not pressurise them for the household chores.
  • Reassurance of Love and Affection: It is crucial that children should realise exams are not an end of them. It is just a part of life. You would love them no matter how they perform. It is the hard work that matters.
  • Explore Other Options: There are plenty of other things to do if you are not good at academics. So, try your hands on sports, art or music.
  • Take Good Care of Yourself: Stress eating can lead to unhealthy eating habits and obesity. So, make sure that your child has healthy options available at all times.


By: Neha Maheshwari

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