9 Phrases Montessori Teachers Use To Build Strong Kids

Editorials News | Jul-25-2018

9 Phrases Montessori Teachers Use To Build Strong Kids

Strength and resilience in a kid comes from life experiences but to be able to deal with that is also crucial. Parenting and teaching plays an important role in this. Resilience is the ability of the children to bounce back from a hardship. According to research, resilience affects social skills, problems solving skills, awareness of students and a person's sense of purpose. The good news is these can be instilled by fostering loving, meaningful relationships and influencing by some positive terms.

 Here are 9 phrases that can help:

  • That was hard, but you did it!
  • I want you to try but I am right here if you get stuck.
  • Do you remember when tying shoes was hard too?
  • I need your help.
  • Who could you ask for help.
  • You look sad, would you like help talking to a friend?
  • That was hard for me, but I did it. I feel so proud of myself.
  • Do you need a break?
  • Which part can I help you with?

 Resilience can take time and patience to built in a child. But these positive terms being used in a child's life again and again can definitely help them to build resilience. Remember, the quality is something that will serve your child well for his entire life and help him deal with the challenges life comes along with. After all, life doesn't come with a manual but it does come with parents and teachers.


By: Neha Maheshwari

Content: https://www.mother.ly/child/montessori-phrases-to-teach-resiliency?rebelltitem=9#rebelltitem9


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