A Better Understanding of Vision Processing

Editorials News | Jun-19-2017

 A Better Understanding of Vision Processing

Researchers from the Salk Institute have observed the characteristics of neurons in a critical part of the brain which respond to natural scenes. These neurons are known as V2. The scientists stated that the study can provide a better understanding of vision processing. The author of the research said it is important to understand how the brain recognizes visual objects. The study can also provide a view on how the brain works generally.

The scientists added that much of our brain is composed of a repeated computational unit, called a cortical column. The inputs to the brain with exquisite precision can be controlled, said the researcher. Additionally, the process makes it easy for the scientists to quantitatively analyze how signals are transformed in the brain.The scientists said, even though we often take the ability to see for granted, this ability derives from sets of complex mathematical transformations. These transformations cannot be seen by us and we are not able to reproduce on a computer yet.

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