A ‘Bionic Leaf’ Could Help Feed the World

Editorials News | Apr-13-2017

A ‘Bionic Leaf’ Could Help Feed the World

The increasing population all over the world is a big concern and the cause of many known as well as unknown problems we suffer from. One major problem is the challenge of feeding the world. To initiate the next agricultural revolution, researchers have invented a bionic leaf. The leaf works in miraculous ways to provide fertility to the soil. It uses natural elements like air, water, sunlight and bacteria to make fertilizer in the soil where the crops are to be grown.

The research will help benefit the developing and under developed countries which do not have a massive infrastructure to facilitate the soil with good quality fertilizers.

The bionic leaf pairs the bacteria ‘Ralstonia eutropha’ with the water splitting catalyst and emits out Carbon Dioxide to provide the desired liquid fuel in the form of fertilizer. The best part is that the vegetable samples which received the bionic leaf fertilizer weighed 150% more than the control crops.

Content Source: Sciencedaily.com

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