A Career In Voice- Over

Editorials News | Jan-25-2020

A Career In Voice- Over

Determining a career is a great deal of hard work for one and all. We have to choose according to our skills, which should be recognized at the right time. Once our skills/talent is known, then it is easy to nominate the field. But then, we have to see the extent (scope) of that talent. Nowadays, every talent is cherished and has a career in it. It is so much adequate that you can obtain a good lifestyle for yourself.
Unlike earlier, you have only a few options to choose – engineer, the doctor in the science side and C.A., C.S. in the commerce side.
Nowadays, if you have the talent to make people laugh then you can be a stand-up comedian, if you have talent in crafts then you can sell some good handmade creative stuff.
Just like that, if you can modulate your voice, if you can balance your voice according to the pause, pitch, tone, emotion then you can choose your career as a “voice- over artist”.
Many are unaware of this career/field to go within.
Through voice modulation, you can do many things like-
1. Audio-books: In which, you have to record the lesson of any classes.
2. Jingles: short song or tune which is used in advertising. E.g. Nirma (detergent) advertisement.
3. Voice-over in the News Channel: in the news shows, to explain the whole story in detail, video is shown and that illustrating part is the voice- over.
4. Hand- puppet: through making the good use of voice-box, taking out one or two voices at a time, hand puppet can be used in the stand-up comedian.
5. Radio Jockey- it is a myth, that the RJ should have a good voice. One should have a good sense of humor, great knowledge in current affairs.
6. Dubbing- in the movies, there is the requirement of translation in languages. Else, there is the narrating part through-out the movies, in which v/o is required. E.g. Shahrukh Khan in the movie “The Lion King”.
7. The Kapil Sharma Show- this show which is telecasted on Sony TV, is a great example of voice modulation. How they have used their skills and made a show and managing to live a good lifestyle.
8. Cartoons- Chota- Bheem, Doraemon, Shinchan and many other cartoons’ voice- over is done by the artist. They have a good future.
You have any of the skills or interests then you can opt-in any of them as your career.

By: Suvarna Gupta

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