A Class 7th Student Answers To Maths Word Problem: 'This Woman Is Underpaid'

Editorials News | Mar-22-2019

A Class 7th Student Answers To Maths Word Problem: 'This Woman Is Underpaid'

This woman is underpaid, written by a student after solving a mathematics problem about a woman worker and her salary. The snapshot of his solution was shared by a Twitter user who in turn had received the same from a teacher. It is not clear yet that who has written this answer or from which school this student belongs to. But the student has won hearts with his critical analysis of the social context of the mathematics problem in question.


In the mathematics problem, it was given that the amount earned by a woman in 15 months is Rs. 18,000. The student has calculated the amount she earns in one month and the amount she earns in 7 months, and the number of months it will take her to earn Rs. 30,000.


After giving the solution, the student at the end has given his verdict that this woman in question is underpaid.


Upon doing an inquiry from tweeples, the user who shared the image originally said that the student studies in class 7th and that the teacher in question keeps discussing these issues with the students in the class.  The school education system in India often keeps blaming for having focus only on the rote system of learning and not on the development of critical and analytical thinking skills in India. Students are rarely taught of analyzing problems in their social context. This comment by the 7th standard student is certainly a welcome change from all the jokes about mathematics problem which ask about a man/woman buying 40 watermelons.


With an acknowledgment of the requirement of developing critical and analytical thinking in students, NCERT has advocated an approach of teaching. This emphasizes on learning outcomes. CBSE recently has announced that it would be adopting art-integrated learning in all its affiliated schools.  


By: Preeti Narula

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