A Clear Map of Milky Way

Editorials News | Nov-03-2016

A Clear Map of Milky Way

A team of scientists from Australia and Germany have created a detailed map of the Milky Way. The world's largest radio telescopes that were fully steerable have been used for this project as per the scientists. According to the claim, this newly created map is the most sensitive and detailed view of our galaxy. Not only this, the map also allocates a clear view of the hydrogen gas in and around the Milky Way.

The HI4PI project is the combination of an Australian survey and a German survey, stated the astrophysicists. The scientists from The Australian National University (ANU) said the study discovered the clear details of a formation between stars in the Milky Way.

Additionally, the scientists stated that the very small gas clouds have helped form stars in the Milky Way over billions of years. The astrophysicists have used the data map as a help to answer their big and important questions. The scientists said the project was aimed to get a clear view of our neighboring galaxies and the Milky Way.



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