A Courtesan To Freedom Fighter: Azizan Bai

Editorials News | Jul-10-2021

A Courtesan To Freedom Fighter: Azizan Bai

Azizan was brought into the world in 1832 in Lucknow. Her mom, a concubine, passed on when Azizan was exceptionally youthful. After her mom's end, she was brought up in the place of a mistress at Satarangi Mahal in Lucknow. She later moved to Kanpur and lived in Lurkee Mahil in Umrao Begum's home. There is no recorded explanation throughout the entire existence of why she moved to Kanpur however it is for the most part said that it was an individual autonomy that she looked for which persuaded her to move to urban communities. Numerous sepoys who were essential for second rangers used to go to Azizan's home. Her home turned into a gathering point of troopers. She is said to have been near a sepoy of the second cavalry – Shamsuddin Khan – who assumed a vital part in the disobedience.

Two days before the revolt of 1857, Shamsuddin had visited her place and educated her that Nana Sahib would turn into the boss in a couple of days and that the house would be loaded up with gold mohurs. Azizan realized how to utilize arms and instructed it to different ladies. She used to dress in male clothing, enriched with awards, and rode on ponies furnished with guns. She had framed a gathering of ladies who rooted for the men and dealt with the injured. She likewise helped in gathering and disseminating arms and ammo to the officers. Truth be told, Azizan had made her central command in one of the firearm batteries in the north of Wheeler's entrenchment which discharged shots and shells nearly from the principal day of the attack. For the whole length when Wheeler's entrenchment was under attack, she waited with the fighters. In the midst of weighty discharging, she was constantly furnished with guns. According to the records accessible, Nana Sahib appears to have known Azizan. She may have had a task to carry out in the Rebellion as well. Azizan was likewise present when the banner was brought up in Kanpur to praise the underlying triumph of Nana Sahib.

By: Khushboo

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