A Cure for the Defective Immune System

Editorials News | Apr-11-2017

A Cure for the Defective Immune System

In a turn of events the body’s immune system may go against you body’s protective covering and lead to paralyzing the body. To find a solution to this problem researchers have come up with an experimental treatment which can subdue the complex immune system in rats and rodents. If successful, this experiment can help in solving multiple human diseases.

The experiment when conducted on paralyzed rodents affected them in such a way which brought back their ability to walk. The mice also started to respond quickly on foreign intervention. The researchers are now working on the idea of conducting the same experiment on other models like- transplant model & diabetes models. These are models in which the defective immune system attacks the pancreas.

The group of researchers are planning to collaborate with clinicians at Maryland Medical School to further conduct the test on non-human species to lead the study to be a successful human therapy in future.

Content Source- sciencedaily.com