A Dark Energy Dominates the Universe

Editorials News | Oct-28-2016

A Dark Energy Dominates the Universe

Three Nobel Prize winning astronomers concluded in the 1990s that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace. These astronomers have been awarded with the Nobel Prize five years ago. As per the researchers, the results were based on research of Type la supernovae. Type la supernovae refer to the stunning thermonuclear blast of failing stars that were captured by the space telescope and large ground-based telescopes. According to the researchers, analysis has proved that the universe is dominated by a 'dark energy' that manages this accelerating expansion.

A team of researchers led by Subir Sarkar of Oxford University, Department of Physics have shed doubt on this typical cosmological notion. According to Professor Sarkar, the evidence for acceleration may be weaker than previously thought. In fact, the data being consistent with a constant rate of expansion stated the scientist. The professor added that the Nobel prize-winning research is now the "standard model" of cosmology.

However, Professor Sarkar said that they have analyzed the database of 740 Type Ia supernovae that is 10 times bigger than the original samples. According to the claim by Professor Sarkar their samples are bigger than those on which the study is based. The scientists’ team of Sarkar has found that the indication of accelerated expansion is “3 sigma” which is shorter than “5 sigma”. The scientists have stated that the standard required claiming a discovery of fundamental significance has to be “5 sigmas”.


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