A Green Economy: New Agenda Of India

Editorials News | Sep-24-2019

A Green Economy: New Agenda Of India

Recently, our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi marked for a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024. To complete this objective, our GDP devoir to grow immovably over the next few years. Experts say it is desirable however the gigantic challenge is to complete this kind of ambitious growth in an environment-friendly way in our present era of climate crisis.
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment of London School of Economics recent research says that, it have allege that endure an economic growth is expedient contributing the intellectual economy is broaden through innovation, technology development for cleaner and greener environment and systems.
World Bank Report also says a low-emanation, resource-efficient greening of the economy should be feasible at a very low cost in terms of the GDP growth. Economists of World Bank disputing for an environmentally imperishable future growth, India needs to value its natural resources and ecosystems for a cut above policy framing and decision-making.
If we talk about present India, we are beholding the desolating natural disasters at a higher recurrence, inevitable heat waves, the lowest water crisis and water stress since the time of our independence, are sojourn in the world's worst-performing cities in terms of air quality, etc.
The agricultural sector that employs with more than 50% of the Indians, tackling with the huge accession of input costs in terms of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, depreciating farm efficiency, because of it its resulting in farmers' suicide, food and nutritional crisis among rural communities, increasing rural unemployment, etc.
We have many organizations in India which work for generating green jobs with the help of traditional familiarities and community development and thus have helped provide better health and education to people and have negotiate appreciable success and international badges.

By – Tripti Varun
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