A Musical Way to Improve Kids Brain

Editorials News | Nov-07-2017

A Musical Way to Improve Kids Brain

The brain of a child is flexible enough to grab and learn so many at a very fast speed and at the same time it is sensitive enough to be affected by negative things quickly. A recent study has been done that is dedicated to develop our understanding on association between playing a musical instrument and brain development.

A child psychiatry team has also revealed that musical training might also help kids increase their attention, control their emotions and diminish their level of anxiety. With the age, the outer layer of the brain becomes thicker. In previous research of MRI data, researchers discovered that cortical thickening or thinning in specific areas of the brain reflected the presence of anxiety and depression, attention problems, aggression even in healthy kids.

With this they wanted to see whether the activity, such as music training, would influence those indicators in the cortex, positively or not. The result of the experiment was very positive as it demonstrated that the playing of music changed the motor areas of the brain, as the activity requires control and coordination of body as well as mind. It was found that music can be proved a better remedy in enhancing memory of kids and developing the concentration level.

Content- sciencedaily.com

By- Anita Aishvarya

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