A New Ray to Rejoice for All Foodies

Editorials News | Oct-07-2017

A New Ray to Rejoice for All Foodies

The Japanese artist Yukiko Morito is very creative and she transforms real bread into functional lamps. This is really a new ray to rejoice for all food lovers. This year only, Yukiko Morito showcased her latest innovative product named as “pampshade”. This was done at Maison & Objet. The artist was originally discovered at Tokyo Design Week back in 2014.

Since then, Morito has grown her pampshade collection with seven designs. Pampshade is a handmade lamp made from real bread. Morito have been a baker previously and her love of breads has been the motivation for the project. The amazing ingredients used in this lamp are flour, salt, yeast, LED lights and batteries. These are then coated with a layer of resin so that the bread can be protected from decaying.

She playfully performs all this process. She begins by baking the bread. Then, she carves the interior very thinly. Finally, she coats the bread with resin. Now, the product is controlled by adjusting the texture and shape of bread. After this, the electrical circuit is set up according to the lamp shade.

By: Bhavna Sharma

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