A Newly Introduced Learning Method By P.S. 89 School To Make Students Succeed

Editorials News | Dec-11-2018

A Newly Introduced Learning Method By P.S. 89 School To Make  Students Succeed

We have come through a story of school going children’s in New York. Often found that some students are not a quick learner so they are just scared of books and the concerned things related to studies. Like parents now-a-days have a serious concern towards the studies of children, one mother named Nicole Hambric had two kids who seemed to be very different from one another in terms of learning. While the older daughter was a quick learner and performed well at traditional public school, whereas her younger daughter named Jada seems to dislike the school. Jada at times tried her best to go through, but like some kids she struggled to understand lessons the first time and felt low at the pace of lectures at class.

The mother was shocked to know after her 4th grade exams that she might not be promoted to the next grade. Her parents spent thousands of dollars on tutoring to improvise the learning skills, but she was also surprised as why the school teachers didn’t inform her about Jada’s struggles earlier. After that Nicole shifted Jada to P.S. 89  for her middle school and which transformed her life into the Big Picture of Learning Academy there. Nicole mentioned that “I saw a complete [180] in my daughter, at one point learning wasn’t her thing and now she loves going to school; she loves learning.” She further said that “Not only that, but Jada is bringing home better grades. She made the honor roll for the first time ever, and is motivated to continue working to improve.” We have noticed that the current practice in the schools around the country is to change learning experience and make the lessons more understanding, mainly we figure out that most reliable places are like High Tech High or Summit Public Schools which are all charter schools, built for the purpose of profit and taking up the level of learning on the basis of a shared vision and with the benefit of outside investment. In the new learning concept these schools act like an inspiration, whereas it’s rather hard for the teachers in more traditional settings to see how they can apply those models in their own classrooms without some external support or lack of proper vision. So it’s really important to understand the mental ability and need of every particular child so as to bring up the change in society.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/46266/how-one-school-changed-culture-from-within-so-students-could-succeed

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