A rare photo of the famous ocean liner- Titanic, taken probably the day before it set sail has come for auction at the UK auction house. The 18 x 11 inches image was captured on 9 April, 1912, at the White Star Line’s Southampton dock. Less than a week after the snap was shot, the skip wrecked, killing over 1,500 passengers and crew.

This unbelievably clear photo shows workmen and crew members performing some final touches on the ship. It is believed that this photo is one of the most important photos of the ship to come for auction. It was bought in Paris at a flea market in the 1970s.

Its pre-sale estimate is between $9,900 and $6,100. The April 22 scheduled action is also bidding a gold medal granted to First Officer Horace J. Dean, a crew member of RMS Carpathia, which hurried and rescued 700 people during the Titanic disaster. It has been estimated that this item would fetch some $37,000.  

In earlier auctions, Titanic’s souvenirs including floor plans, tickets, menu lists, photo of iceberg which hit Titanic, violin played by Wallace Hartley on the board, etc fetched top dollars. 

Content: history.com


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