A Sea Creature that is Older than Dinosaurs

Editorials News | Aug-18-2017

A Sea Creature that is Older than Dinosaurs

Scientists have recently conducted a study and found a unique sea creature. As per the scientists, this bizarre creature was with a Venus flytrap-like head and swam the seas. Additionally, it is believed that this newly found creature is older than the dinosaurs.

The scientists unveiled the fossils of this tiny faceless prehistoric sea worm with 50 spines jutting out of its head. When some suspecting critter came too close, its jaw-like spines snapped together and dinner was served. Additionally, it was only 4 inches long and its spines were about one-third of an inch long. It feasted on smaller plankton and shrimp-like creatures, added the scientists.

It has got its root from a group of marine arrow worms called chaetognatha that are abundant in the world's oceans. The prehistoric type was larger and with far more spines in its facial armory but without the specialized teeth of its descendants, said the scientists. The study has been conducted by Derek Briggs of Yale University who led a team that discovered the trove of fossils in two national parks in British Columbia, Canada.

 By: Priyanka Negi

Content: Hindustan Times