A Security System That Senses Finger Vibrations

Editorials News | Nov-05-2017

A Security System That Senses Finger Vibrations

Scientists have prepared a new low – cost security system that has the ability to sense finger vibrations to exactly identify people and grant access to smart homes, cars or appliances. This smart access system is called VibWrite that permits user verification when fingers touch any solid surface.

The smart access system VibWrite is developed by researchers at Rutgers University in the U.S. The system is capable of integrating passcode, behavioral and physiological characteristics. It has been build up on a touch – sensing technique by using vibration signals. The smart access system is different from traditional and password based approaches. It is also quite different from behavioral biometrics – based solutions that typically involved touch screens, fingerprint readers or other costly hardware. It has led to privacy concerns and “smudge attacks” that trace oily residues on surfaces from fingers.

Yingying Chen, who is a professor at Rutgers University, said that finger bone structure of everyone is unique and their fingers apply entirely different pressures on surfaces, thus enabling sensors to detect subtle physiological and behavioral differences that can identify and authenticate a person.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times