A Solar Rickshaw for Kochi’s Streets

Editorials News | Oct-26-2016

A Solar Rickshaw for Kochi’s Streets

A resident of Kochi, Georgekutty Kariyanappally have invented a miraculous rickshaw which runs on solar energy. This new solar rickshaw runs on three-wheels. Additionally, the five-seater motorized designed rickshaw works with a solar panel on the roof.

This development has gained a particular public following in Kochi since its launch in August as it is quiet and non-polluting. The creator of solar rickshaw has already invented an innovative solar chick incubator, solar milking machine and solar-powered boat, earlier. Georgekutty Kariyanappally is a name and founder of Lifeway Solar Devices Private Ltd.

According to the reports he has created this technology to reduce the burden of pollution on the environment. In an interview, Kariyanappally stated that this development serves people as an effective transport without affecting the environment.

After Thailand, India is the second country where the trend of a solar rickshaw is getting popularity. Being a new concept in India the use of a solar vehicle is increasing with going days. Apart from transportation, solar adapted rickshaw has even become a mobile coffee cart.