A Trip to Moon

Editorials News | Apr-14-2017

A Trip to Moon

Space X, an American Space exploration organization, will be sending two passengers to the moon next year. The tourists who will be taking the trip have paid a huge amount of money for this and will be going there for a week long expedition.

The tourists will be going on the dragon capsule vehicle which has been designed for manned flight to the moon. Even though the spacecraft has been on space missions earlier but this is a different one. This trip will have non-experienced passengers aboard and will go into deep space where the vehicle has never been before.

Another thing making this trip an unusual one is that the passengers will be alone there and will be guided by computers and experts from the earth. The tourists are not trained astronaut who could fix a problem, if the need arises. But the experts at Space X seem quite confident about the spacecraft and its abilities.

This sure would be one of the trips to look forward to.

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