Editorials News | Jun-11-2017


Abseiling or rappelling is a renowned adventure sport technique which climbers use when they are on a steep slope, cliff, bridges and buildings. It involves sliding down a rope under controlled conditions. The term Abseiling is derived from "abseilen, a German word," which means "top rope down."

As there is no competition involved in this activity, abseiling does not fit a real sport’s definition. But it is listed under sports because of the similarities it shares with sports like canyoneering, rock climbing, kloofing, ice climbing, etc.

The Jean Charlet-Straton, a Chamonix guide, pioneered this climbing technique in 1876. Equipments used for safety and protection during abseiling are ropes, anchors, helmets, boots, knee pads, gloves, and an auto block knot.

Abseiling can be quite dangerous. An estimate says that 25% of climbing deaths occur while abseiling. So, it should not be attempted by inexperienced individuals without the guidance of climbing instructors or skilled climbers.

Abseiling is popularly performed in Ireland, Australia and several other countries. Apart from being used for sport, this climbing technique is also followed by rope technicians for accessing difficult-to-reach regions from above for different industrial applications like inspection, maintenance, construction and welding.

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